Interactive Environments minor 2015


We at SKALA are a multidisciplinary group of students combining knowledge from the faculties of Architecture, Industrial Design Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Biology, Computer Sciences and Applied Business Management. We believe that in an increasingly fast-paced society, people can become consumed by work. We can sometimes forget to take a step back, and giving yourself time to focus on other things is often neglected.

Every year at the TU Delft, the Industrial Design Engineering faculty offers a minor programme that invites students from all faculties to participate in a six-month project. It focuses on interactive design, and aims to consider interaction as a means to enrich experiences, exploring its application in unconventional fields.

This year our goal is to design a new type of interactive work environment, in association with Schiphol. At the end of January the final installation will be on show for a full week the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering in Delft. Last years’ editions have even proven to be successful enough to be featured at the Dutch Design Week.

With SKALA we are creating a challenging installation, which is physically, visually and audibly appealing, resulting in a refreshing change of focus.


As we keep striving towards our goals, we can sometimes forget to take a step back and see things from a different perspective. When getting caught up in work, it is easy to focus primarily at the task at hand, and giving yourself space to breathe is often deemed inefficient. Taking a break, however, can often be a necessity to productive and motivating work.

SKALA is about allowing your mind a distraction. It provides an opportunity to come to a standstill, and avert your focus, bringing you some ease of mind by offering an intriguing and interactive experience. It gives you the chance to start afresh, with renewed creativity and inspiration, in a place of transition such as Schiphol.

Every person that experiences SKALA will benefit in his or her own unique way, and this is what sets us apart. Bringing back the value of a constructive break, and rethinking the way we use our working hours, that is what we aim for.


SKALA is the product of weeks of designing, and prototyping and testing. Our approach is to make a prototype, no matter how small or inept, for every feasible and exciting concept we decide upon. This is to put the concept into perspective and assess both its aesthetic and interactive value, and to avoid designing purely on paper, which can often lead to stale designs and a demotivated team. Below are some pictures of our design, prototyping and user testing phases.


SKALA is currently looking for sponsors to collaborate with us on our challenging and innovative concept. We are looking for not only partners for funding, but also for the materials and hardware we need to realise our installation. If you are interested in sponsoring us, please contact us at

We would like to give special thanks to Mark Feijen [I-SAAC] and Elaine Bonavia, for making sure you can safely experience SKALA.


The team

The coordinators:

  • Aadjan van der Helm
  • Ianus Keller
  • Tomasz Jaskiewicz

  • If you would like to experience SKALA personally, do not hesitate to pay us a visit. We are located in the Science Center on the TU Delft campus, 120 mijnbouwstraat, Delft.